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Minus 55mV…at the Threshold of Change.

Let’s Begin

Enroll in our free online exercise program designed for survivors of stroke, arthritis, and neurodegenerative disease on our Let’s Begin Exercise Community group on Facebook.

Action Potential

Strength training built on measurement. Designed for everyone from athletes to stroke survivors. Realize your Potential. Book a session now.

Study It Forward

Become a part of our learning community of fitness professionals. Our tiered program of learning is designed to better the students and the educators abilities. Like our Study It Forward FB Page.

We at Minus 55mV are a collection of fitness professionals invested in assisting each other strive to be more effective, impactful, and insightful; who seek out knowledge, tools, and practices which better allow us to serve the public we care so deeply for. These are the foundational tenants which form the basic philosophy of Minus 55mV.

Empower the Practitioner, Empower the Public.

  • Develop products and procedures to be made available to the general public entering into the health and fitness stream; thereby giving the public the means to present an important, and reasonable question;

“Can you show me, with measurable evidence, how you personally are making me stronger, healthier, better?”

  • Develop products and procedures which give health and fitness practitioners the means to measure, substantiate, and display the progress their clients are making, in ways easily understandable to the clients and practitioners.
  • Foster a community of practitioners and clients who can each participate in meaningful refinement of products and procedures, for the betterment and support of current, and future clients and practitioners.
  • Display and meet the need for Adaptive Measurement: measurement which meets the clients needs or desires, not a rigid method of measurement to be imposed upon all clients in a fixed manner. For one client, measurement may be discreet positional force output, for another it may be consecutive days they were able to open a can of soup.
  • Develop tools, skills, practices, and philosophies to better meet the needs of people who fall outside of the margins; outliers. To display ideas of approach, methods of observation, methods of interaction which better meet the needs of people being left behind and cast aside by current paradigms.
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